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i think about the loveless fascination

under the milky way tonight

16 April
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This Is The Graphics Journal For lyricsof_poison

The Girl: Dani. 16. Addicted To Photoshop And Music.
The Username: From No Way Out By Roadrunner United. You Should Listen To It.
Thats All You Need To Know.

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Texture And Brush Credits
I Had Some Computer Issues Recently And This List Got Messed Up. I Don’t Know Which Of These Names Are From Livejournal And Which Are From DevianArt, So I’m Just Going To List The Names. If You See Your Name And You Would Like It Specified Just Let Me Know And I’ll Fix It Right Away. I Usually Tend To Build Up A List Of People To Credit Before I Put Them On Here So Don’t Freak If Your Name Isn’t Up Here Yet. If You Don’t See Your Name But You Know I Have Used Some Of Your Textures And/Or Brushes Just Let Me Know And I’ll Fix It As Soon As Possible.